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News and Updates
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This new page was created to show the viewers any new happenings on the site or news about the Eds. So sit back and enjoy a jawbreaker.

5-13-06 Issue 32 is now updated.

4-23-06 Issue 31 is now updated.

4-16-06 JBC Officially returns. Added new music video "Experimental Film"

10-05-05 Issue 30 now uploaded.

8-17-05 Video link added to front page. Fan Art section moved to the JBC Archive Vault.

8-07-05 Issue 29 now uploaded.

7-22-05 Issue 28 is now uploaded.

7-18-05 Added a Links section that has about 15 different links to other Ed content sites.

7-17-05 The JBC reopens its doors for the first time in three months

4-9-05 Wow long Gap- Issue 27 is here showing that we're back!

2-05-05 Issue 25 is now uploaded and the Sneak Peek section is also updated.

1-15-05 Issue 24 is now uploaded.

12-23-04 Moved E-Cards to JBC Vault

12-11-04 Uploaded Issue 23 and Sneak Peeks. Enjoy see ya in 2005!

12-10-04 Put a couple holiday decorations up. Hope you like them. Once the new issue comes out you'll find some more decorations on it.

12-02-04 Updated Site News which is on the front page as well as Sneek Peeks

11-27-04 Uploaded Issue 22 so enjoy!

11-26-04 Working on an Appreciation page which will showcase every website that we have used items from. Its going to be a nice page so it may take a while.

11-17-04 Staff section updated.

11-16-04 Cleaned up homepage and added a few icons to the bottom of the page. The Election page has been moved to the JBC Archived Vault.

11-14-04 Uploaded Issue 21 and updated Sneak Peeks Section.

10-23-04 Added Issue 20 Editor's Pick. Updated Hot News Section.

10-15-04 Added Ad Campaign Central to the Peach Creek Election section (Justin)

10-9-04 Added the Peach Creek Election Page(Dr. Eric)

9-29-04 Issue 19 is uploaded and the Sneak Peek section how been updated as well.

9-13-04 Long time no update...School has started UGH!! Anyway issue 18 is up


8-9-04 Gtoons tournament is now being held check out the Gtoon Tournament HQ

8-5-04 Added issue 17, go check it out!

7-30-04 Updated the movie poster section with more posters (hmm seems to be a new fad). Go check 'em out!

7-29-04 Added JBC Office Tour although the link does say the JBC. Now is your chance to see what the JBC office looks like.

7-27-04 Ed Marathon starts at 7a.m.


7-27-04 Cartoon Network makes a new Ed homepage check it out
7-26-04 Updated Movie Poster secetion in fanart
7-25-04 Updated Sneak Peeks section
7-23-04 Added Movie Poster section in fanart
7-19-04 Issue 16 now loaded

7-2-04  News and Updates section added to inform the viewers of new changes to the site and any news on Ed,Edd n Eddy.
7-1-04 "Our Favorite Eds" end. The link however will remain up so that you can see the schedule.
-New poll opens on Cartoon Network. Click to vote for an Ed, Edd n Eddy dvd collection.


Saturday July 3rd- Added staff bios. Enjoy!!




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