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Issue 15
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JBC Contract

Wow this issue came out fast! Well we will be one top story short this week because Emily is taking another vacation, lucky dog. Oh well another top story will replace her's. An old JBC member is back to continue writing articles for you. We at the JBC really hope that you will enjoy this issue.
~JBC Staff~
Well we made it to issue 15 so I decided to do something special by cataloging all of the events that have happened at different issues.
Issue 1- Our first issue only Justin worked then.
Issue 2- New format added but still only Justin was working.
Issue 3- Format changes again and a temporary member joins but it is short lived.
Issue 4- Welcome Connie AKA C.E. And Connie H.
Issue 5- Welcome Lynn and Eric first permanent articles set The Peach Creek Medical Journal and Ed-vertisement.
Issue 7- Format decided JBC Reaches 500 hits!
Issue 11- Trouble broods between members as JBC almost closes forever.
Issue 12- JBC reaches 1000 hits! Welcome Daniel (Photographer)
Issue 13- Welcome Johnathan (Free lance)
Issue 14- Welcome Blake and Tyler (Free lance)

Will Evil Tim Come Back Again?


Another sign has been found and shows that Evil Tim may once again come back to plague the Culde-Sac. If you can remember last time he came he caused a lot of damage and was barely banished into a comic book before tearing us limb from limb. This time it appears that there will be no stopping him once he is released from his paper prison. The sign found was Ed's version of X's and O's which startled Double-D after he found out what each of the symbols meant. "I saw the first word which was Evil and I knew right there that Evil Tim was coming back." (Edd) The whole phrase states "Evil Tim will arise and turn day into night." This was enough to send the people of Peach Creek into hiding. "Rolf must protect his lifestock, quickly to the underground safety shelter!" "Fate is a cruel mistress." (Jimmy) As of now the Culde-Sac is on high alert but normal activity resumes daily as normal life must go on until that faithful day arrives. This will be the third time Evil Tim has risen to reak havoc on the Culde-Sac and we will be there to cover the story no matter what the risks.
(JBC Headliner)

Ed Has A Job


Yes thats right Ed got a job, he was asked by JBC member Lynn to watch her dog while she was busy. Ed gladly took on the job and has been enjoying the time with the little dog named Chili. They do look so cute together, and I hope Ed doesnt get too attached to her dog cause then that would be hard on him since he's so sensitive and all.
well Ed is getting paid as well, from what I heard hes getting 5 dollars a day to take care of her precious dog. Hopefully Eddy doesn't try to rob Ed in which he is probably planning on doing at this very moment. The only job that Ed ever had was when he worked for Rolf which he has no dogs so how will Ed do at taking care of another living creature. We got a couple quotes from people throughout Peach Creek to tell us how Ed will do with his new job.
"You are actually letting Ed watch your dog?! How stupid can you get?!" (Kevin) "I am confident that Ed will excel at this new task because of his natural love of animals." (Edd) "Hey I can take better care of an animal than lumpy over there! Why didn't you give me the job?" (Eddy) "Um... I really have no comment." (Justin JBC Editor) Well it is two against one and all I have to say is I really do hope you made the right decision on this one.
(JBC Topstory Writer)

Peach Creek Medical Journal
Jawbreaker Case Continues


Last week in the Jawbreaker Chronicle, we heard that Judge Judy put out a ban on jawbreakers. This was much to the dismay of thousands of gathered children, but most of all Ed, Edd, and Eddy.  

"This is an outrage!" proclaimed Eddy as he frantically called an Ed meeting. "They're not going to get away with this!" 

"Im not even sure how this case got to court, or how this decision was reached, but frankly Im astonished!" Double-D said, before being yanked away by Eddy. 

We waited for twenty minutes for the Eds meeting to finish, before Judge Judy decided to set her bailiff after us. At which time we were forced to run for our lives and unfortunately we lost track of the Eds in the process. 

After running for our lives (and barely escaping), we high-tailed it to Peach Creek in hopes of finding Ed, Edd, or Eddy and ask them what the meeting was about. 

By the time we reached Peach Creek, we were surprised to find it empty. Indeed, not a voice could be heard, which is unusual on any day and almost always means that the Eds are up to something. After some careful searching, we discovered a flyer that read, "They can ban em but we still have em. Meet us where the rooster crows with the dough and we'll give you the goods! "

Rolling our eyes in disgust at Eddy's crude attempt at poetry, we nonetheless headed to Rolf's farm. Upon arriving we discovered Ed standing guard next to a peculiar looking bush. When we asked Ed what he was doing, he responded, "Guarding the mashed potatoes silly head!" 

Realizing that getting information from Ed is as effective as cleaning teeth with a nail, we gave up and simply kicked the bush. A hollow thud was heard as we confirmed what we had thought all along, the bush was metal. Reaching for the top, we carefully unscrewed the concealed, metal hatch and opened it. Everyone stepped back, stunned. The bush was filled to the brim with jawbreakers. Where did these jawbreakers come from and what is Eddy planning? Unfortunately for us, neither of them could be found, so I guess well just have to wait till next week to find out.


(JBC Physician)

Business Ed
New Card Game Sweeps Across Peach Creek


The Ed's have created a new card game that looks as though it is going to be a huge hit in the Culde-Sac. The game is called Monster Hunter which is based on certain monsters that have been in the movies that Ed has seen. The game is turn based where each player must make his or her monster be even more powerful than the other. Edd has been making them on the computer along with the help of the JBCs own Dr. Eric. Dr. Eric has made our banners for the site and was asked to help Edd with the game since he's you know... artsy. A lot of people are interested in the game play and the card game has the whole neighborhood in an uproar for more cards. "Rolf must have more of these cards to control the fate of the Culde-sac." We can't show u any of the pictures yet but maybe Dr. Eric can get us some. But here's a few of the cards: Cyclops, Bone Marrow Sucker, Death Spitting Lizard, and the best card that beats any card which is Evil Tim. The card packs are being sold exclusively in Peach Creek and cost one dollar a pack and about fifty packs have been sold so far. Even I had to buy one and sadly I didn't get an Evil Tim but I did get my favorite card the Robot Bounty Hunters card which captures any card that the controller decides to. Sorry getting a little into it but as you can see this is an extremely popular game.


(JBC Business Major)

Well here's The Evil Tim card and I got the first one made and only 100 more have been made so I thank Eric and Edd for giving out the first Evil Tim Card.


Free lance Article
Plank Soaks Up Creek


  This weekend while everyone was gathering at the creek, a shocking discovery had been made. The Creek was gone. Hardly any evidence of water left.After conducting a search of the creek bed, we were all sickened to find Plank, soaked full of the creek.
  "IT'S SO HORRIBLE! WHO COULD'VE DONE THIS!?" quoted a very emotional Johny.
  "I think it's just plain rude, who would do something like that?" was Nazz's statement.
  We were all very disturbed to see Plank, with his face almost completely removed. Plank is now is critical condition at the House of Edd. While Kevin blames the Eds for this, we all doubt it since the Eds slept in once again while the grewsome uncovering took place.
  No one knows who did this, nor is anyone taking responsibility. Hopefully we can aquire an interveiw with Plank after he recover from soaking up the creek. A campaign is going on right now to dry out Plank since too much water may cause him to explode. There is little that anyone can do because Plank's body must get rid of the water on it's own or he will die. The motive of this case was once again to destroy Plank. He is expected to make a full recovery but yet this has happened before. Who wants to get rid of Plank this badly!?
(JBC Freelance Writer)



He's soft and cuddly and does your chores
even makes an excellent throw rug
only 25 cents an hour
guaranteed to make you happy or your money back
 Warning may be stinky, do spray with deororizer
This is a great opportunity to own Ed for as long as you like. Please call us at 555-9645




Marvel Ed

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