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JBC Contract

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Added Affiliates Section: November 25, 2004

Contract created and signed on September 13, 2004

JBC Code and Contract for All Members and Website Viewers


This contract was set up for all JBC© members and people who visit the site. This document will give credit to all due sources of the Chronicle. It will also explain staff privileges and rules that must be abided. There is also a section concerning the policy of website suggestions/tips and is not limited to writing articles, sending pictures, or any other type of suggestions.


Website Viewers

The JBC© was made for the people for their enjoyment and participation. However certain rules apply in suggestions and or writing articles.


Legal Notice


Rule: 1A: Ed, Edd n Eddy are sole property of AKA Studios. The JBC© doesn’t own rights to any AKA property. The site is set up for entertaining purposes only. This website makes no profit.


Rule 1B: Every website viewer has the privilege of sending in articles that he or she has written. Any form of plagiarizing is prohibited and will cause the said person to lose the privilege of submitting articles. Also the news will be sent to the website or company immediately and all punishments will be left up to that company or website. We have no control over their actions.


Rule 1B: The creator (s) of the site have full power in choosing which articles are actually put on the website.The creator(s) have the choice to not put an article up for any reason. The creator can also change and alter any articles.(This includes staff articles)

*The JBC means no harm in not posting your articles*


Rule 1C: Website viewers will have their ISP Address banned if they violate any of these rules.


  • Attempting to hack/infiltrate the JBC© whether for destructible purposes or for entertainment.  However some people have permission to go into the JBC.
    • Hacking is defined as: Informal. To alter (a computer program): hacked her text editor to read HTML.
    • To gain access to (a computer file or network) illegally or without authorization: hacked the firm's personnel database.

Special admittance to the JBC: Eric, and any other staff that I give permission to can change the coding of the site. Everyone else is prohibited.

  • Sending threatening emails to the JBC© itself or any of its employees. This includes other viewers of the website.


Threatening is defined as:


  1. To express a threat against.
  2. To be a source of danger to; menace.
  3. To give signs or warning of; portend.
  4. To announce the possibility of in a threat.


  • Sending vulgar/indecent images or writings/articles


Indecent is defined as: Offensive to public moral values; immodest.

Vulgar is defined as: Crudely indecent.


Viewers Rights

Every visitor to the JBC© has the basic rights set forth by the constitution and these rights will not be violated by the JBC© or any other organization.


Website Affiliates


The JBC is not responsible for the rating of any non Ed Production sites. We do however check them to make sure they have the maximum PG rating. If the rating is beyond this the JBC will not place their link on the site. The websites are monitored but its not always certain that the JBC staff will catch any Pg-13 rating and up material. We will do our best to provide quality family websites to the viewers of the JBC. If you have any questions please email the Jawbreaker Chronicle at the address below the contract.



Staff Guidelines


*The employees must follow all website viewer rules* see rules above


Rule 1D: Every employee has the basic rights set forth by the constitution and these rules will not be violated by the JBC© or any other organization.


Policy of turning in articles


Employees are never at risk of being fired. Here are the only ways of having your contract terminated.


Rule 1E: Every employee is responsible for turning in certain articles at a certain time. Not turning in articles at a certain time will result in termination. This will only happen if the staff member does not send in a letter explaining why he or she hasn’t been able to write their articles. The Editor will however notify them to write their articles and is required to.


Rule 2E: Breaking any of the Website Viewer Rules. See rules above



Process of Quitting or being fired


1F: If you should be fired from any of those reasons or newly found ones you will have the choice of being judged by the other staff members. However the Editor at the time of the incident will have a final say or argument that he will give to the other staff members with or without the defendant’s permission.


2F: The Editor must send you a letter explaining why you have been terminated from your contract. The letter will be entitled: Explanation of Termination.


3F: If you choose to quit the JBC© the editor will need a letter in advance saying why you have chosen to quit. The editor is then required to try to fix the problem. The employee will be given 48 hours to reply to the letter or the Editor may choose to start a termination vote.


*If any staff members rights are violated the Editor can be replaced by a vote. The vote must be presented to all staff members before being judged.


This contract was set up for the protection of website viewers and the members of the JBC© Any complaints or comments may be sent to




Editor Signature:  Justin C.



This contract and website are all properties of The Jawbreaker Chronicle©  However all Ed, Edd n Eddy characters, pictures, etc…belong to AKA Studios and Cartoon Network. Some pictures are also used from and infringements are intended.

Copyright JBC 2004




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The JBC is not affiliated to Cartoon Network or A.K.A. Studios in any way. The JBC is a non profit site and is only mantained for sheer entertainment. No infringement is intended. 

The Jawbreaker Chronicle© 2002-2006 All Articles are the original ideas of the staff members of the site. The creator isn't liable for any content taken by staff members. Please don't take our articles. If you would like to use one please email the Editor.

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