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The JBC doesn't really care about making your lives easier but we do have to do one thing for charity so here it is. We created a link section to help you get around to other cool Ed sites out there despite how we rather you just visit ours. I mean who in the world wouldn't want to look at our site everyday... Wait nevermind you may want to go ahead and check out these other sites. But please come back again and visit the JBC. So without further to do the JBC presents to you for nothing... Thats zero, zip, nadda, and zilch the JBC Links section. 
Besides TheEddZone the JBC has the largest collection of active Ed related links on the internet. You're probably like who cares about having the most links. Well all we can say to you is we don't care what you think.
If you find any pages that have broken link please send the link to so we can get rid of it.
Staff Editor


The JBC's producing company. Offers background information on the company as well as the Jawbreaker Chronicle.
A branch off of the JBC. The beginning of a JBC community so if you want to rule the world join now. Or if you just like the Eds. Gives show updates as well as the happenings of the online community. Closely affiliated with the JBC.



The unofficial Ed, Edd n Eddy site. This site has an active message board as well Episode guides. Fan based participation is one of its strongest points.



One of the most impressive Ed sites out there. The site is very creative and offers over 25 different sections including games, artwork, and episode guides.



The JBC's first affiliate. This site has many different types of multimedia selections. The site is very well done complete with clipart and many fun and interesting things to do.



The Ed's creating company. Offers pictures, bios, and much more. This is a link off The Edzone. This site has been rated PG-13 by The Edzone but the JBC rated it as a PG.



Cartoon Orbit based Yahoo group. Thousands of active members that post daily. Offers a wide array of contests, polls, and giveaways. The most active orbit group on Yahoo.



A place to collect Cartoon Network's cartoon character collectable trading cards.



The cyber space home of Cartoon Network. Site offers Tv Guide information as well as episode guides for all of CN's shows.



The official home of Ed, Edd n Eddy. Offers episode guides as well as games.



Showcases fan art of the Eds and the other members of the culde-sac. Also has non Ed art and midi files of music.



A short site made by the JBC's own Jonathan (Sports Ed) Jon tries to explain and persuade people that Edd is evil. Shows a debate between him a few other people. This site is very entertaining.



Offers episode guides as well as cast information. This site is well known for its news updates on the Ed's cartoon show.



An online encyclopedia that holds quotes from the show as well as extended character explanation and  episode guides. This site also gives definitions to certain key words found in the articles.



A club for people who want to go "Up" as seen in the episode "They call him Mr. Ed"



Create an Ed quiz or take one and see how you do.



Offers a long list of memorable Ed, Edd n Eddy quotes from the show.
One of the old Ed Sites that is still around on the net. Offers some interesting material worth browsing through.




The JBC has checked these sites to make sure they had a maximum content rating of PG. The JBC can't however keep monitoring these sites. Therefore the JBC isn't liable for any indecent content found on these sites after being added to this section. "JBC Contract section 5 website affiliates."

Picture courtesy of Marvel-Ed
Please view the JBC Contract for more info. Thankyou




Marvel Ed

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The JBC is not affiliated to Cartoon Network or A.K.A. Studios in any way. The JBC is a non profit site and is only mantained for sheer entertainment. No infringement is intended. 

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