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Plank's Reign in Jeporady


As you may know Plank has been elected king of the Culde-Sac. However Eddy has issued a recount on the votes. The votes are split 4to4.
       The Reason For Recount
After Plank's first week as king Eddy discovered some evidence that destroyed Plank's innocent look. What he found we can't say because of legal matters. At least three people have changed their vote for Eddy. The only one person's vote who can't be read is Ed's. Instead of a ballot he put in a cookie. The JBC was lucky enough to get an interview with one of these voters.
Justin: So who did you vote for Rolf?
Rolf: Rolf voted for himself.
Justin: But the ballots only had Plank's and Eddy's name on them.
Rolf: I added myself.
Justin: Why?
Rolf: Because I was a favorite in my old country.
Eddy Hopes for a win and the polls are close so no one knows who will be elected king.
   Name                      Votes
   Eddy                         4
   Plank                         4
   Rolf                           1
Attempt To Silence Plank For Good


Early Tuesday morning the neighborhood of Peach Creek made a startling discovery. There in the construction site layed the young Plank face down in the mud. JBC was the first to arrive on the scene. What we witnessed was truly horrible. As the kids turned Plank face up we could see that his mouth was gone. Someone had apparently erased Plank's mouth. After getting the story straight JBC came up with this explaination. Plank was targeted by someone who hated him. If you can remember Plank was just kicked out of office for obstructing justice. The motive was probably to keep Plank out of trial so he couldn't tell his story. To help our story we decided to talk to long time best friend Jonny 2x4.
Justin: So Jonny who do you think did this to Plank?
Jonny: (sobs) I don't know but why would someone do this to him?
Justin: What condition is Plank in right now?
Jonny: The doctors say he will be fine but I'm worried about something else happening.
Justin: Like what?
Jonny: (sobs) Next time it could be a wood chipper. (sobs)
Truly tragic indeed. Later that day Plank was able to get a new mouth drawn. So we took this oppurtunity to find out what Plank knew. So we leave you with a quote from Plank himself.
Plank: .........

Top Events and Ed-vertisements

Jonny Sues Over New Show


To view full story on Jonny Sues New Show click on the link below.

Jonny Sues Over New Show


Edd's Lie Detector up for sale at Double D's House of Imports and Exports.(See Ed-Vertisements)


Rolf to start advice column next issue!


Nazz's Babysitting service hits a snag. More details next issue.

foxyangelgirl543: hi im gonna interview you guys now ok?

Edd: Well, alright. :-)

foxyangelgirl543: have you guys been working on any new scams that
we should know about?

Edd: Well, yes actually, and it's in the works. :-)

foxyangelgirl543: cool um can you give me any details or is it
secret? o.O

Edd: Well, I'll have to ask Eddy.

foxyangelgirl543: ok

Eddy: hey its a secret so scram!

foxyangelgirl543: not very nice but ok. i understand

Edd: So sorry about him yelling at you like that.

foxyangelgirl543: its ok

foxyangelgirl543: so are you positive this scam will work?

Edd: We have our hopes and doubts, but something tells me it's going
to be a failure just like the majority.

foxyangelgirl543: could be :-\

foxyangelgirl543: can i ask ed a few questions?
Edd: Why, certainly. :-)

foxyangelgirl543: ok :-)

Ed: i am here ask me questions pleese :-)

foxyangelgirl543: hi ed, are you excited about the new scam?

Ed : uh it is new? cool hahahaha uh i am not sure ask me later
Ed: ohhhh i see a chicken!

Ed: pet the chicken pet the chicken!

foxyangelgirl543: lol um ed do you think this scam will work?
Ed: yes i do :-)

foxyangelgirl543: thats good, i would ask mr cranky some questions
but i dont care for him to yell at me, so that's a wrap, good luck
on your new scam guys ;-)

Ed: okie dokie dont forget to write :-)

Edd: No problem at all.

Eddy: beat it already!
Interview done by:FoxyAngelGirl1543

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A Paper made for the Eds by the Ed fans.

This week's top Ed-Vertisements



Did you ever want an automatic paper delivery system or a highpower microscope? Or what about a volcano for your school project? Well now you can at Double D's house of imports and exports. All items are priced to sell right away so hurry up and get over to the nearest store to pick up these great products.




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