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JBC Site News

The JBC Has Moved

The time has come to move on. A new JBC has been created that will be a little smaller in scale but still the same JBC you know and love. New staff members are needed and an open call to all writers has been sent out. If you would like to join just send a message to but hurry up positions are going fast.

Vist the new JBC site! Just click the link below to go to the new JBC site that features new issues every week!

The New Jawbreaker Chronicle

The JBC Forum

The forum has finally arrived! So go ahead and sign up today. The registration is easy just tell the forum what name you want and you're signed up. The forum has many sections to suit your every need as well as new boards being added daily. Contests and information will be posted on the forums as well as news and updates. There are many fun sections where you can just discuss the Eds or even a place where you can discuss any topic you choose to. Dr. Eric also has his own board as well a general staff board. Don't just sit there and listen to me drone on click the banner for yourself and find out what the forum has to offer.

We're Back!

The JBC is back. (again)You heard me right its back. This time we have a few new things we're adding to increase fan popularity. We're currently working on a new and improved JBC forum along with a chat on Aol Instant Messenger. The forum should be complete shortly and as for the chat we'll keep you informed on that. The JBC isn't dead we took a long hiatus and are back now. Give us about a week to produce a new issue as well as bringing in the new forum. Its good to be back! (again)


~JBC Staff Editor~

Ask The Editor Section

Ask The Editor

The JBC needs your help to create a new section. From Issue 31 on we're posting your questions about the site staff or questions about Ed,Edd, n Eddy in our issues. These questions could be irrelevant such as "Why does Justin take so long to publish an issue?" Anything like that we don't care if they sound stupid because I mean just look at us.Anyway please send your questions in we love when fans write to us and look at it this way you'll become a cyber celebrity for like two seconds. So send your questions to And remember there is no such thing as stupid questions,only stupid people. (Just kidding...or are we?)

Music Video

Every week the JBC is bringing you a new music Ed video that we find out there on the net. This week we bring you "Experimental Film" By They Might be Giants. The author of the video is AnimatEd which was originally featured on Marvel-ed so enjoy.

Experimental Film
By: They Might be Giants

Click picture to view video

The JBC Vault

The JBC Forum

This forum is closed please join the new forum created. You'll find its better looking. We just opened it a day ago so feel free to join it.


Jawbreaker Chronicle Time:


Staff Editor: Justin


Welcome to the Jawbreaker Chronicle. This is a paper dedicated to the three Eds. Anyone can write an article for the chronicle. So go ahead and write one today. If you would like to become a staff member just go to the now hiring section. And remember this is a paper for the eds by the ed fans.

You can check out the latest issue of the Jawbreaker Chronicle every week.

In Need Of Articles


The chronicle is in need of articles about the Eds and the rest of the gang. Anyone can suggest topics in the suggestion area. The members of the site can go to our group page on yahoo to post their articles. But we really need some stories and if you want to become a member of the chronicle please email me at and please write JBC application so I don't put it in my spam box.

"This is a paper for the Eds by the Ed fans"


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Marvel Ed

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