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Top Stories in Peach Creek

Turmoil in The Urban Ranger Ranks


The Urban Rangers have always been known for their good deeds and helpful aspects that drive the boy scouts crazy. But recently there has been some hostility present on the force. It all started when Rolf ran out of badges to give to Jimmy, Jonny, and Plank. This caused a major uproar that tore the Urban Rangers apart. Rolf was able to convince them to rejoin but Jimmy said that it wouldn't be the same without badges.
Jimmy:" Badges are our way of life. We get them for doing good deeds. No one should ever be able to take them away!"
Rolf has been busy reading his manual for any other badges but so far has found nothing that can be used to receive a badge. The Urban Rangers have decided to not have any more meetings for at least two weeks. Rolf hopes that it will give him more time to figure out new badges to give out. He has also decided that this time it won't be that easy to recieve them. If Rolf can't find anymore badges than this could very well be the collapse of the Urban Rangers.

Culde-Sac News 
Mystery Man Strikes Peach Creek


A new mystery has hit the town of Peach Creek. A mystery man has just shown up and is terrifying the kids of the Culde-sac. No one knows who he is because all they see is his shadow. We went through a couple of interviews to find out what the kids of Peach Creek knew.
JBC: So Kevin who do you think this person is?
Kevin: I have no idea dude but if he comes within one foot of my bike he is dead meat.
JBC: Jimmy who do you think this person is?
Jimmy: I don't know but please make him go away. He is scaring the life out of me!
It is obvious that none of them have a clue. So far no damage has been done by this mystery man but everyone wants to know where did he come from? And why is he here? The mystery continues and as sightings keep occurring this case will not be closed. The witnesses say that he has a watermelon shaped head with board at the end of his hands. He has been seen around the lane and in the junkyard. No one knows what we wants but it seems that they all are very curious about him being here. So far no clues have come up because everyone is too afraid to research this investigation any further.

Peach Creek Health News


~Eric~ (JBC Reporter)

Peach Creek Business


Ride Goes Bad At The Candy Store
Since the new ride was put up in front of the Candy Store it has caused trouble to all customers wishing to ride it. A lot of customers have been injured while riding it. The customers have decided to stop riding it in attempt to get rid of it. So hopefully if they avoid using it then that will tell the Candy Store that something is wrong with the ride. Hopefully a new one that works will be installed.
~Lynn~ (JBC Reporter) 

Colored Jawbreakers May Hit Candy Store

Rumor has it that there will be new "colored" jawbreakers. Colors like red, yellow, blue, and rainbow may start showing up in the candy store. This is not official yet but it has all of the kids excited. This would really boost the Candy Store's customer satisfaction since the whole jawbreaker shortage incident. Maybe the people of Peach Creek will start seeing colorful jawbreakers.

~Connie~ (JBC Reporter)

Business Ed

EDCO Back On Top


EDCO is on its way back to the top. Last week the Eds released information that the business was up and running again. All of the kids have been hired back on and were promised pay when the Eds could afford it.  So why is EDCO back? Well it is simple the Eds have realized that they still want to go up in the world and this is the way to do it. We got a quote from Eddy the C.E.O. of EDCO.
Eddy: "We have to go up!"
That sums everything up. The Eds are planning for the business to be a big success even though they have no idea how they are going to make a profit.
Want to become of EDCO? Well click here to find out how you can go up in the world. EDCO



Come visit the Statue of Ed! Its fun for the whole family. Kids from 1-5 cost 25 cents while others cost 50 cents. Come see one of the wonders of Peach Creek!




Marvel Ed

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