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Gtoon Tournament

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The time has come fellow orbiters. We have all bragged about how good our decks and gameplay are. But now is the time to prove it. That is why the JBC have put together a tournament of skills that will test your knowledge and action of Gtoons. Here is rules,guidelines,and other information that you will find useful.
I do suggest that everyone goes through their decks and finds the best cards to raise their score. Also think about countering your opponents best card.

General Information
Rules subject to change

Signing up


This contest is open up to anyone that wishes to play Gtoons.  In order to sign up please email me your orbit name so I can begin putting players together.  My email address is



Game Play (Rules)


During the match any Gtoons may be used including slam Gtoons. The tournament is a single elimination meaning you lose once and you’re out. After winning each player must submit there scores by emailing   Any cheating that goes on between any players will result in forfeit. The competitors will be chosen by random selection.




The prizes this year will remain a surprise until the tournament reaches the final stage.



Technical Difficulties


If at any time orbit doesn't load or something happens please email me so we can straighten it out. Since weird things happen I can't give a judgement now.

Disqualified Actions
By doing any of the actions below you will be disqualified:
1. Turning in false scores
2. Purposefully disrupting game play
3. Attempting theft of other's gtoons or ctoons
If we see fit that someone has broken any other rules the JBC has permission to disqualify that player(s). Any person that breaks a rule will not be allowed to participate in any other JBC special tournaments.



Can anyone enter in the tournament?
Yes, it is open to everyone just send me your orbit name and you're signed up.
What gtoons can I use?
You can use anyone that you want even slams. This is a tournament of skill so everything can be used.
When is the deadline to register?
The deadline is the 5th of August and gameplay begins the 7th.
Can I create multiple names to play?
No, you will be disqualified if you do this. You will find other rules as well on this page that will get you disqualified.
What happens if my game disconnects during play?
If your game disconnects and it says that you lost then your match is over. However if the game freezes and nobody wins please email me to let me know what happened.
What are the prizes?
It will be a surprise this year.


Step by step instructions provided by Cartoon Orbit Promotions

How to make a screen shot in Cartoon Orbit
Personally I didn't know how to do this until now. Thanks to Cliff from Cartoon Orbit Promotions. 
To capture everything on your screen just push the "Print Scrn" button (next to the f12 button) then you need to open up a paint program, most people have "Paint" or paintshop, and open a new file then paste (some paint programs you need to import from the clipboard). The pic then appears there, save as a jpeg or gif as they are nice and small never save as a .bmp way too big.

(Press Print Scrn--> Click on Start--> Programs--> Accessories--> Paint--> Edit--> Paste--> File--> Save As...)

To capture just the top window, which is what you would do to just show us an info card, make sure that window is on top and highlighted. Then press "Alt" and the "Print Scrn" button at the same time, follow the "Paint" or paintshop proceedure and its ready for public viewing.




Marvel Ed

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