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Plank's Own Domain



The rules for becoming a Plankist are quite simple. Plank doesn't want you thinking of him as a god but as a guide. He wants you to be happy and carefree about life in general. This is what it means to be a Plankist. 

General Rules of Plank
  • Plank is never to be called a god.
  • Plank's name should never be cursed.
  • Be happy and carefree whenever possible.
  • Make good choices.


The Guiding Hand Of Plank
  • Be courteous to everyone around even if someone is giving you a hard time.
  • You may retaliate against that person if he or she started the conflict. Plank doesn't like violence but thinks that everyone has the right to protect themselves.
  • Write Plank's name as much as possible and watch Ed, Edd n Eddy everyday if possible.

Plank's rules are very simple because he doesn't like complex rules because they hurt his brain. Because he needs that power to control us... I mean guide us.

The Path of Plank
  1. A Plankist
  2. A Red Oak Apprentice
  3. An Oak Apprentice
  4. Plank's Guardian
  5. Master of the Plank

To become Master of the Plank you must be promoted through the ranks of Plank Hood.





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