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National Jawbreaker Party

NJP Members


Our Organization

Welcome to the National Jawbreaker Party. We're an official Ed,Edd,n Eddy politcal party. What is the role of the NJP you may ask? One of the roles of the NJP is to help promote the other great Ed, Edd,n Eddy sites out there on the internet. Our second goal is to merely keep spreading the Ed philosphy if you wish to call it that. The final goal of the organization is to simply exist and take up precious internet space just like any other website in current existence. Keep in mind that this site is still under construction and more features will be added shortly.

How do I become a member?

New members are always welcome to join the NJP and its one of our goals to have as many members as possible. By joining the National Jawbreaker Party you will have the opportunity to further increase the Ed's popularity by participating in contests and other NJP events. Members will be promoted throughout the group either for the time that they've been a member or if a member does something extraordinary for the good of the NJP. The NJP doesn't require a lot of time and commitment so members may participate as often or as least often as they would like to. However, it is more beneficial to participate often due to the fact that a promotion is possible for doing such acts. If you would like to join the NJP send an email addressed to I will update a new email shortly and inform each member of the new contact address.

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